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Managed by experienced leaders and industry veterans with more than 150 years combined expertise in tissue and recycled fiber based business, our team brings a wealth of experience and proven success to the company.

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We are committed to meeting and exceeded our customers’ needs with a product portfolio of innovative products, from premium virgin fiber to recycled and value-positioned products and more.

About Marcal, a Soundview Paper Company, LLC

Marcal, a Soundview Paper Company, LLC is a leading, world-class manufacturer of recycled and virgin fiber towel and tissue products for the At-Home and Away-From-Home markets in North America. Our customer-focused approach to the market enables us to focus on the continual improvement of our products, processes and services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Strategically located in Elmwood Park, New Jersey – just 15 miles northwest of New York City – our flagship operations encompass more than one million square feet of manufacturing and storage facilities on our 30-acre site. Our Elmwood Park operations include a manufacturing facility with fully integrated deinking, towel, tissue, napkin and facial production and converting capabilities, as well as separate storage facilities for housing finished goods and parent rolls.

We also operate our Putney, Vermont facility, which allows us to offer a broader range of commercial towel manufacturing capability into our finished paper products offering of tissue, towel and napkin products to retailers, distributors and other customers.

Our History

Our heritage is important to us. Founded in 1932 by Nicholas Marcalus, Marcal has had a history of continuous innovation and dedication to the recycled manufacturing process, receiving numerous awards, and today remains one of the most respected environmentally-conscious companies in the industry.

Marcal, a Soundview Paper Company, LLC is owned by Atlas Holdings LLC. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, Atlas and its affiliates own 16 companies that employ nearly 20,000 associates and operate from more than 100 facilities across the globe — generating approximately $4 billion in revenue annually. Atlas companies are engaged in a variety of industries, including aluminum processing, automotive, building materials, capital equipment, construction, energy, industrial services, packaging, paper, power generation, steel, and supply chain management. Visit for more information.

Our Mission

  • Provide innovative, high-quality products and superior customer service at a competitive price
  • Provide employees a safe and respectful work environment that encourages personal accountability and development
  • Strive for the highest quality results while adhering to the highest ethical standards
  • Employ the highest standards of environmental stewardship and sustainable practices
  • Engage and contribute to the economic and social development of our communities


At Marcal our focus is simple: Always do what’s right! Create real long-term value for our customers, company, communities and business partners.

Core Values

Safety & Integrity

There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our employees. We treat all people with dignity and respect. We view ourselves as environmental stewards and consistently look to improve our footprint. We comply with all laws and regulations.

Customer Focus

Strong customer relationships are essential. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ needs and ensuring we satisfy them in order to create economic value for both of us.

Value Creation

Our goal is to create real long-term value by economic means. We strive to eliminate waste, and to understand, develop and apply proven techniques to achieve superior results in all areas of our company.

Excellence in All We Do

We strive to emulate the sense of entrepreneurial spirit that started every great company!


We consistently hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to produce economic results in our area of responsibility that creates real value for our company. We recognize, celebrate and reward our successes, and also have the courage to address under-performing assets.